The Brief History of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site particularly for the job seekers and recruiters, with up to 467 million users. LinkedIn is the most popular choice for posting jobs by the recruiters and for building contacts.

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 by Reid Hoffman with the help of his colleagues. The founder, Reid Hoffman was a former employee of Apple. In 1993, he founded his own first company, Socialnet. The website was a dating site and was great success with a million users. However, this did not stop Reid Hoffman from learning and he left his website to join as an Executive Vice President for PayPal. The reason was to learn and understand the technicalities involved in online business to originate a successful venture.

LinkedIn did not gain success in the first year of its launch but after a year later, Sequoia Capital invested $3 million in the company. This transformed and introduced many features on the website which included jobs, advertising groups, address book and recommendations.  American Express became its partner for advertising SMEs. The company started making high revenues from 2006.

In 2007, Dan Nye took over as the CEO of LinkedIn. The website version of French and Spanish were developed later that year. Also, LinkedIn’s regional office was opened up in London. In 2009, Jeff Weiner became the new CEO. The additional features LinkedIn embarked were of Recruiter and LinkedIn Answers in 2010.

2011 witnessed the further success of the website. The company went public in the first half of the year with a share price of $45. Additional native languages were also added. Regional offices in different parts of the world including Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Sao Paulo and others were opened. This year also marked the addition of feature of directly applying by LinkedIn was introduced. Highlights of 2012 included a brand new visual architecture.

Current status of LinkedIn is associated with a successful website with tremendous features that helps its millions of users in building up their career.


Celebrities Are After the Social Media Strategies

Social media has occupied a huge part in our lives, specifically with celebrities from the past couple of years, for pop stars like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, all other favorites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, etc are the fastest and closest ways to interact with their fans and put up the updates about their latest happenings like concerts, tours, day to day activities and other stuff. But precisely they use social media as a tool for self-promotions.

These days the top performer or the king of the social media is Vin Diesel, reason behind this is his “Monster” presence that he has now built on Facebook, with his die hard likes raise from 54 million to 72.3 million that is tremendous because he maintains his account by himself and has no social media team to manage it for him. Will Smith holds the second position with about 65.7 million likes and up on the third position is Selena Gomez with 58.1 million likes as she is on a tour to promote her latest album.

The celebrities are using few techniques to attract fans on the social media, suchas providing exclusive values to their followers, using their influence which they have on their fans to portray an angel image and the ever successful tactic used is involving and rewarding their biggest supporters.

Social mass media is generally believed of as an instrument for confidential gain, but it’s distant from waste of time — exceptionally after you can aid others in a period of need. Celebrities grasp out to their fans for prop, notify them of new undertakings, and leak new data to become them involved. Possessing millions of fans precisely speeds up the procedure of spreading news concerning a cause or a product, but anybody can use these techniques for their products marketing!