Brazil Chapecoense football team in Colombia plane crash

Police say five people survived the crash but the rest of those on board died.

The chartered aircraft, flying from Brazil via Bolivia, was carrying members of the Chapecoense team.

The team was due to play in the final of the Copa Sudamericana, against Medellin team Atletico National.

The first leg of the final of the cup, South America’s second most important club competition, was scheduled for Wednesday, but has now been suspended.

The match was seen as the biggest in the history of the relatively small club, which entered Brazil’s top division for the first time in 2014.

The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) said it was suspending “all activities”.

Chapecoense issued a brief statement saying: “May God be with our athletes, officials, journalists and other guests travelling with our delegation.”

It said it would refrain from any further statements until it had assessed the extent of the crash.

Later the team’s vice-president, Ivan Tozzo, told cable channel SporTV: “There are a lot of people crying in our city. We could never imagine this. Chapecoense is the biggest reason for joy here.”

One of the survivors was confirmed as Chapecoense defender Alan Ruschel.

Reports suggest that at least two other footballers – goalkeepers Jackson Follman and Marcos Danilo – may have survived.

Originally six survivors were reported, but police later said one of those rescued had died.



Kanye west hospitalized in L.A. After Canceling Rest Of Tour

After Kanye West abruptly canceled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour, there have been reports of the singer being hospitalized in Los Angeles.  According to CNN, NBC NEWS and People, the singer was led taken to UCLA Medical Center on Monday to be treated for exhaustion.

Officer Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department talked to USA TODAY and told them that the LAPD replied to a disturbance call at 1:20 p.m. PT Monday on North Laurel Avenue in West Hollywood. He further said no crime had been committed.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said that the fire department responded to “an unspecified medical aid request” in the 900 block – North Laurel Avenue.  He said, “An adult male, described as medically stable, was taken to an area hospital for further assessment”.

However, both departments failed to identify the person involved, citing medical privacy laws.

Most recently, Kanye West cut short his concert on Saturday in Sacramento after some songs, yet not before calling Beyoncé and addressing Jay Z: “Call me, brah, you still ain’t call me. Jay Z, I know you got killas, please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man,” he said. The latter show made the fans so upset that the Ticketmaster had to refund their tickets.

The 21 left dates that Kanye West had scheduled throughout New Year’s Eve were canceled early on Monday.

On Monday night, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner attended the Angel Ball in New York City to honor the late Robert Kardashian Sr. Jenner offered ET this explanation on the red carpet as to why West canceled his shows: “I think he’s exhausted. Just really tired,” she said. “It’s a grueling tour.”

Kim Kardashian, West’s wife, wasn’t in attendance. CNN reported that she arrived in New York Monday for the event, but flew back to L.A. to be with her husband.


The Social Perception on Simpsons

The exceptionally popular sitcom, “The Simpsons” is entertaining people for nearly 30 years. The animated series features the Simpsons, a typical American family living in a fictional town of Springfield of the United States.  The imaginary town is well-constructed and has all the major social institutions. The sitcom shows everyday problems and activities of the Simpsons family and other social interactions which is pretty interesting and hilarious.

With over 5 members in the Simpson’s family, Homer portrays a typical American dad who loves beer and watching TV. With a plump tummy and a balding head, Homer earns and supports the family and keeps getting into trouble. Marge Simpson is the wife of Homer and is a typical house wife. She raises the 3 children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Bart and Lisa are archetypal brother and sister who keeps fighting and have elementary school issues. Maggie is the toddler in the house. Like any other family, they have a dog and cat.

“The Simpsons” is not only entertaining, but it also depicts the common aspects of an American society. The physiognomies which are a part of life, of ordinary people. Including government, police or religion, the show also interprets the darker aspects which covers corruption, homosexuality or alcoholism. The reality based incidents are made hilarious for the lighter note.

The Simpsons” is an animated sitcom for all ages. Some people believe that the show is not for kids as it often include dark humor. Recently, the jokes of Simpsons are being highlighted as regards to prophecy of the real world. This happened when Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton in the Presidential Elections, the happening was already shown in one of the episodes of the sitcom. Several other jokes have also been accurate on a number of occasions. The director of “The Simpsons”, David Silverman, has regarded the debacle as just a coincidence. The 27th season of the sitcom is being aired currently.

Smart Phones Make Children Smarter

Digital technology has turned the world into global village. Not only people can gain access to the world information, but also they can interact with people at any part of the world. This has also made the children smarter, since they get the access of smartphones pretty frequently. Smartphones are given to children on various occasions which involves distraction from whining or crying and also to make the kids learn through educational videos. Whatever the reason, children knows how to operate the smartphones pretty smoothly.

Many believe that using smartphones can harm children in various ways. However, research reveals that exposure of smartphones allows children to be sharper. Playing games and watching intellectual videos can help in the development of children’s minds.

With over thousands of entertaining applications available for children, parents should select the applications based on content, context and the mental ability of their child. Educational videos like “Dora” helps the children in becoming more interactive. They learn by watching videos and it is also very engaging. It won’t be wrong if we say that smartphones have become the “most wanted” children’s toy. They attack and cry for the gadget whenever they see it. Their smartness level lies in the fact that even a 2 year old baby will pose for the camera and knows what a selfie is!

With the access of smartphones, pre-teens have become much more knowledgeable than the previous generations. They learn different languages, make friends all over the world and know about the latest trends of the world.

Parental guidance is necessary to limit unethical exposure. Content exposure of children under 11 should be viewed by the parents or guardians. Where there are several pros of the smartphones, cons are unlimited too. With smarter children, parents need to be extra cautious in order to save them from the evils of the world.

New York Marathon Results

In the most anticipated race of the year, Kenya’s local Mary Keitany made it her third consecutive win in the New York City Marathon that took place on Sunday, 10th November 2016. Keitany won by quite a margin, leaving the runner-ups out of sight of track, as she made it to the finishing line in just 2 hours 24 minutes and 26 seconds. She covered almost half of the track alone as she pulled ahead of her competitors before the 10 mile mark and then never looked back.

As for the men’s race, the trophy went to Ghirmay Ghebreslassie, a 20-year-old Eritrean. He is now the youngest winner in the history of the marathon. Ghirmay managed to pull away from a tight pack of three at 20 miles and covered rest of the track alone in just 2 hours 7 minutes and 51 seconds.

Following Ghebreslassie were Lucas Rotich of Kenya, Abdi Abdirahman – Somali-born American who is based in Arizona. The two finished the marathon at 2:08:53 and 2:11:23 respectively.

Keitany;s astonishing win with a huge margin made the race quite interesting as the runner ups strived for the second and third positions on the podium. Sally Kipyego – 2012 Olympic silver medalist and Molly Huddle – making her debut in marathon from United States finished at 2:28:01 and 2:28:13 respectively.

Keitany is the second woman to make a record for the most consecutive wins. The biggest record holder is Grete Waitz who won for five consecutive times from 1982 to 1986.

Keitany made it very clear to her rivals and all the bystanders that she was there to run as she crossed five boroughs by running alone. She is Kenya’s record holder with 2:18:37 and second-fastest runner in the history of marathon. However, Kenya dropped her this year from Olympics as she bumped into Jemima Sumgong in London Marathon at about five miles to the finish line and eventually failed to win. This mishap gave her much time to prepare for her fall race,

Ghebreslassie, who won the world championship in Beijing in 2015 at age 19, finished in fourth place at the Rio Olympics this year. He is the first Eritrean citizen to win the New York City Marathon; the Eritrean-born Meb Keflezighi has also won, but as an American citizen.

Gwen Jorgensen, who won gold in the triathlon at the Rio Olympics, finished in 14th in the women’s race, in 2:41:01.

Chirs Brown Won’t Be Around For His Show

According to the news form social media, the pop star, Chris Brown had tweeted that he would not be able to perform in his concerts that were scheduled in Montreal, Tuesday at the Bell Centre, and Toronto, Wednesday, Air Canada Centre, after being denied of entry into Canadian territory.

The RandB singer said “good people of the Canadian government wouldn’t allow me entry. I’ll be back this summer and will hopefully see all my Canadian fans!”

Brow’s spokesperson, Nicole Perna, confirmed the news that Canadian immigration has not allowed Brown to enter any of its states, as yet “due to immigration issues” his shows have been taken off the list. Brown for now has plans and surely will apply for visa on later dates, where as he has also offered a refund of the tickets sold in Canada.

The Grammy winning artist had been under a strict probation ever since 2009 when he openly confronted with his, then, girlfriend Rihanna. Chris Brown has been under strict observation since then and has recently spent three months in jail after violation of the probation when he ran into a quarrel last year.

A similar incident occurred in the United Kingdom earlier in 2010 when the RandB singer, Chris Brown was denied entry forcing him to miss four of his scheduled shows. According to the government’s home office, it was Chris Brown’s criminal record which stopped them from letting him enter the country.

Similar statement has been released by the Canadian Border Services claiming that there were several factors influencing the decision including Brown’s involvement in criminal activities.