Service Marketing: What Needs To Be Done

Marketing of services differentiate slightly from the product because of its non-tangibility. If we talk in consideration with the 7P’s of marketing, we will be able to analyze further difference. Some of the main service providers include telecommunication, tourism, computer services and etc. Service industry over decades have played an important role in the progress of economic development. Hence successful marketing strategies are required for the promotion.

Along with the factor of intangibility, a service is also heterogeneous and utilizable. This causes great difficulty in the promotional activities and creativity tools are required to appeal the mass audience. The significant factor in service is quality, which is highly emphasized. The quality of the service should be marketed in such a way that it would appeal the customers to utilize it. For service industries, word of mouth of customers work at its best. Service promotional activities can also be done by providing discount cards and other vouchers. Advertising of service industry is done by showcasing the experience that is highly satisfying.

Generally, service pricing is much difficult as the manufacturing or material costs are not apparent. If we consider the restaurant industry, charging for the ambiance and other utilities is fairly hard to calculate. Overhead costs and profit margin calculation requires complete analysis.  Mostly, the customers argue over the high pricing of the services, which creates great complexity in the justification process.

For the deliverance of service, people play a well-defined role. Customer satisfaction is granted in various regions by the help of staff. For example a salon facility is availed by the specialists. Hence their performance and quality of treatment provides the result to a customer. Customer service should be the central point of the service industry. The marketing of this particular industry proves to be successful by customer satisfaction. The advent of social media has made marketing easier as pictures of service locations can be posted along with testimonials of happy clients.


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