Cognitive Psychology: Explanation and Theories

With the development of modern science, Cognitive Psychology has gained extensive acceptance in a short period of time. This branch of psychology deals with the way an individual process information. It is a complex process which requires the study of how we receive the information from the environment and then respond to it. Perception, attention, language, memory and thinking are the main factors of internal processes. Researchers study these factors and help access the information for a possible treatment. Cognitive psychology is helpful in eliminating the negative factors of emotional distress and behaviors.

In 1976, Ulric Neisser originated the context of Cognitive Psychology which emerged many intercessions that has ultimately advanced the Psychological field. Knowledge of human perception and behavior has facilitated people in many different fields as well. It majorly includes medicine, business and education.

Cognitive psychologists supports in achieving the goal of problem solving. The first step in this process is the identification of the issue. Once the problem is acknowledged, the individual will create a formulation plan that will help him achieve the objectives. This psychology helps you analyze and organize your priorities.

Four main features define every system of cognitive psychology. These include therapist and client relationship, psychological distress originates from mental errors, focusing on changes for betterment and psychological treatment to focus problems.

Cognitive Psychology features three main theories. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) was given by Albert Ellis. The theory aligns that a person creates his own psychological problems by misinterpretations. Eliminating negative emotions created by irrational beliefs is the main emphasis of this philosophy. REBT works on the framework of A-B-C. This means Activating event, Beliefs and Consequences. The theory can be understood by different examples.

The other main therapies are Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy and Donald Meichenbaum’s cognitive behavior therapy. The main purpose of these theories is the eradication of negative behavior by altering the cognitive process.


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