The U.S Election Day

image_voting (1).jpgElection Day for America is finally here. The two main competitors are Donald Trump from Republican Party and Hillary Clinton from Democratic Party.

If we need to select one who is most seasoned, it has to be Clinton. She is far more experienced in modern era being the senator, secretary of State and former first lady. If she wins, she will be the first lady to rule the White House, breaking what is being called as the highest glass ceiling. She is being considered by Americans as unreliable as she is unable to explain questions of financial impropriety and scandals pertaining to emails from her tenure at the State Department. However there hasn’t been any evidence of her misconduct on her part.

If we are to put light on Donald Trump, he is by far the least experienced candidate, who never even held elected office. Trump made it to the limelight by making it big on TV, where the real estate billionaire got his own reality TV show. Trump has also disclosed some information on his financials, putting media in a situation to ponder upon; is he actually a billionaire, if he has paid taxes for the last 18 years and also what is his business reach to countries abroad, including Russia. His overbearing remarks and his caught on tape bragging about sexual assault have toppled political norms and would have disqualified any other candidate in any other election. But for voters and the media alike, policy has taken a backseat to personality in the 2016 election.

For voters, emotions have run high on both sides. Drinks are being poured, and a sense of exhaustion is pervasive. Yet the drama may not end this evening; quadrennial promises by followers of the losing candidate to leave the country have been joined by scarier threats of violence by Trump supporters, should he lose. Quartz will be live blogging stories, photos, breaking news, and other vital information right here, through the acceptance and concession speeches.



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