Growing up with McDonalds

McDonalds feels like the company of an old friend one cannot resist. With easy on the pocket value meals, McDonalds always wins my heart and fills my tummy of course. For people like me, McDonalds it’s not only about eating fast food, it’s about the whole eating experience which is divine and homely. It’s about your delicious food without getting all dressed up.

Even SuperSize Me was not able to gross me out of McDonalds. In fact I had a Big Mac with extra fries and drink after watching it. For those who don’t know, SuperSize Me is a documentary targeted directly to McDonalds showcasing the growing rate of obesity because of fast-food in America. Though an eye opener, the movie is heavily flawed as eating only fast food for a month is suppositious.

I have grown up eating at McDonalds and occasionally I go there to reminisce my childhood. From playing in kid’s area to having school dates, McDonalds has been the perpetual of my life. While buying a happy meal for my kids, I get equally excited for the toy as he does.

Being loyal to McDonalds doesn’t mean I don’t eat elsewhere or eat there every day. Sometimes I don’t go to McDonalds for months. I also visit new restaurants, have some favorites but with McDonalds, it’s different. It’s the warm familiar food, just like my mum’s. So whenever I am craving the comfort food, I drive through McDonalds without having to put my makeup on. McDonalds, m always loving it


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