The Three Presidential Debates: Quick Review

US Presidential elections of 2016 will be held on November 8, 2016. People are anticipating for who will be the next US President. The head of the state of most powerful nation.  Currently running for President is Donald J. Trump who officially accepted the nomination of Republican Party on 22nd July. Hillary Clinton is the second candidate who was officially nominated at the Democratic Convention on 26th July.

First Debate:

The candidates shared the stage on the first time in September for 97 minutes. Both the parties landed massive blows on each other, Hillary accused Trump of being a misogynist, manipulative and over charging the contractors. In return, Donald Trump also accused her on her leaked emails, trade deals and stagnant career growth. Hillary was however able to regain her momentum as opposed to Mr. Trump.

Second Debate:

Nasty allegations and character assassination describes this debate. From exposing a video of 2005 with Trump’s lewd comments about women to Hillary’s defending a rapist. This presidential debate was worst. Donald quivered Hillary on sexual indecency of Bill Clinton. He also exposed that she used personal email address during her state of secretary which should have landed her in the jail.

Third Debate:

The highlights of the debate included WikiLeaks, Trump’s relation with Russia, sexual harassment, campaign stooges and unacceptance of election results. Donald Trump was the weaker one in the debate.

Both the participants are aggressive for the votes and the presidential campaign is on full swing. Over the months, a heap of controversies have generate sparks regarding Mr. Trump. Apart from being a racist and womanizer, his bag is full of dirty deeds. Mrs. Clinton, though not everyone’s favorite, still has high chances of winning.



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