Employee Motivation: Key to Manage Your Human Resource

‘Motivation’ has been derived from a Latin word ‘movere’, which means to move. It is the motivation level that can make a person be a part of that activity and the yearning to continue it. Employee motivation helps the employee in regaining their energy, creativity and commitment to their work. The more an employee is motivated, the better that employee will be able to perform. The motivation of employees can be done my monetary terms or verbally.

Why motivating an employee is important? External or internal factors in an environment can distract a person tremendously. Hence motivating them from time to time can help them focus in an enhanced way. It can make the employees perform effectively and also help them to block other factors. Motivation acts as a key to energize as an individual. According to a survey, employees that are motivated, work with much more creativity and enthusiasm. Since employers understand the importance of motivation, they keep looking for ways to motivate irrespective of the highs and lows of the economy.

The motivation level of every individual is different. Though money is big factor, many employees are motivated when they are praised and trusted in achieving superior responsibilities. Sometimes the peak potential of an employee is pushed when they are given a chance to show their originality.

One of the reasons why employees leave a particular organization is because they are not motivated enough. A monthly salary is a motivation to work however, an individual requires timely appraisals from their managers.



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