The Three Presidential Debates: Quick Review

US Presidential elections of 2016 will be held on November 8, 2016. People are anticipating for who will be the next US President. The head of the state of most powerful nation.  Currently running for President is Donald J. Trump who officially accepted the nomination of Republican Party on 22nd July. Hillary Clinton is the second candidate who was officially nominated at the Democratic Convention on 26th July.

First Debate:

The candidates shared the stage on the first time in September for 97 minutes. Both the parties landed massive blows on each other, Hillary accused Trump of being a misogynist, manipulative and over charging the contractors. In return, Donald Trump also accused her on her leaked emails, trade deals and stagnant career growth. Hillary was however able to regain her momentum as opposed to Mr. Trump.

Second Debate:

Nasty allegations and character assassination describes this debate. From exposing a video of 2005 with Trump’s lewd comments about women to Hillary’s defending a rapist. This presidential debate was worst. Donald quivered Hillary on sexual indecency of Bill Clinton. He also exposed that she used personal email address during her state of secretary which should have landed her in the jail.

Third Debate:

The highlights of the debate included WikiLeaks, Trump’s relation with Russia, sexual harassment, campaign stooges and unacceptance of election results. Donald Trump was the weaker one in the debate.

Both the participants are aggressive for the votes and the presidential campaign is on full swing. Over the months, a heap of controversies have generate sparks regarding Mr. Trump. Apart from being a racist and womanizer, his bag is full of dirty deeds. Mrs. Clinton, though not everyone’s favorite, still has high chances of winning.



Employee Motivation: Key to Manage Your Human Resource

‘Motivation’ has been derived from a Latin word ‘movere’, which means to move. It is the motivation level that can make a person be a part of that activity and the yearning to continue it. Employee motivation helps the employee in regaining their energy, creativity and commitment to their work. The more an employee is motivated, the better that employee will be able to perform. The motivation of employees can be done my monetary terms or verbally.

Why motivating an employee is important? External or internal factors in an environment can distract a person tremendously. Hence motivating them from time to time can help them focus in an enhanced way. It can make the employees perform effectively and also help them to block other factors. Motivation acts as a key to energize as an individual. According to a survey, employees that are motivated, work with much more creativity and enthusiasm. Since employers understand the importance of motivation, they keep looking for ways to motivate irrespective of the highs and lows of the economy.

The motivation level of every individual is different. Though money is big factor, many employees are motivated when they are praised and trusted in achieving superior responsibilities. Sometimes the peak potential of an employee is pushed when they are given a chance to show their originality.

One of the reasons why employees leave a particular organization is because they are not motivated enough. A monthly salary is a motivation to work however, an individual requires timely appraisals from their managers.


Nobel Peace Prize

The Colombian President was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for his efforts to end 52 years of conflict of the longest-running war in the Americas, which was just five days after Colombians rejected the agreement with a rebel group in an appalling referendum result.

Santos had been an early favorite to win the prize, however, a referendum on a landmark peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, or FARC, was narrowly defeated in a referendum last weekend.

The peace agreement was thrown into doubt by the referendum result on Sunday, which analysts said reflected a widespread belief that the FARC was getting too much praise and too easy terms for its willingness to put down its arms after decades of violence.

“Striking a balance between the need for national reconciliation and ensuring justice for the victims will be a particularly difficult challenge. There are no simple answers to how this should be accomplished,” said the statement. “The referendum was not a vote for or against peace,” it said. “What the ‘No’ side rejected was not the desire for peace, but a specific peace agreement.”

Despite the setback, the Norwegian Nobel Committee recognized Mr. Santos “for his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end.”

In announcing the award, Kaci Kullmann Five, the chairwoman of the committee said, “The committee hopes that the peace prize will give him strength to succeed in this demanding task,” she said. “Further, it is the committee’s hope that in the years to come, the Colombian people will reap the fruits of the reconciliation process.” Then she continued “are strong reasons to put a light on the president himself,” and that “his role as president” and “the keeper of the process” had been instrumental is securing a deal.

A record 376 candidates were nominated for this year’s award. Last year’s peace prize went to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet for its efforts to build a pluralistic democracy.


Natural Ecosystem

An ecosystem is collectively an area where animals, plants and other organisms, also the landscape and weather, work together to form a life. Ecosystem embodies biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) factors.

Each factor of the ecosystem is related to the other one, either directly or indirectly. For instance, change in temperature will have an effect on plants growth. Animals who are dependent on plants as their food & shelter will have to adapt according to the change. The size of ecosystems vary – for instance the tide pools, when the small ponds are left behind when the tides are washed out, forms a small ecosystem. Such ponds contain seaweed (algae) which develops food by photosynthesis. The herbivore specie in such pond eat seaweed as food. Whereas, carnivores in the same pond rely on other animals for food.

The ecosystem prevailing on Earth is actually a series of interlinked ecosystems. Ecosystems are connected to make biome – large area of sea, land or atmosphere, such as ponds, forests, tundra, reefs, etc. Biomes are connected with each other depending upon the habitats and specie living in them. Within each biome, you may find several ecosystem. It should always be kept in mind that disturbing a single element in an ecosystem will have an effect on the other element, which in turn will cause the whole ecosystem to change and eventually disturbing whole biome.