A Walk to Remember: Enjoying Soothing Sights and Sceneries

Nature has its own way of relieving us of the stress that tends to build up due to our hectic schedules and demanding lifestyles. The soothing sights and sceneries that can be seen if one goes for a nice walk have the effect of lifting the spirits and calming the soul.

Being accompanied by someone special is an added joy. Meaningful conversation makes it a walk to remember. Lucky are those who get to go on at least one such ramble in their entire lifetime. After all, a very nice mix of the right company, perfect weather and scenic view is required in order for the experience to be memorable.

I believe I have been exceptionally blessed as I have experienced countless of such unforgettable walks. Over the course of my life, my father has always been the most pleasant partner to take a stroll with. Additionally, the locality in which I reside is a very beautiful one, with ample trees and beautifully maintained gardens.

Conversations flow naturally, but may also sometimes be argumentative depending on circumstances. However, by the time we are nearing the end of the walk, we always tend to draw the discussion to an amiable close after which we enter our home feeling light and refreshed.

Taking a stroll is also one of the best medicines for stress, anxiety and depression. Doctors suggest that a light morning stroll or fifteen to twenty minutes of a brisk walk on a daily basis helps to enhance blood circulation to the brain. This leaves one feeling more invigorated and alive over the course of the day.


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