Success of Cristiano Ronaldo Lies Behind The Goal War Between Real Madrid And Barcelona

Well the debate is never ending about Real Madrid and Barcelona goal fight, as it is difficult to distinguish who is a better player, Real Madrid’s Ronaldo or Barcelona’s Messi. Having two different styles of soccer players gives you a highly new experience of watching football leagues. This rivalry has not only seen in Spain but throughout the world for their phenomenal goal-scoring achievements. Ronaldo the famous captain of Portugal netted 54 times since the campaign has started in August beating his own score of 50 goals and achieving a new milestone of his Third World Player of the year award in the beginning of the year 2015. On the other side Barcelona’s famous player Messi, won the Ballon d’Or’s award four times, keeping his own pace in the competition, he stands in the completion with Cristiano with 53 goals.

For the second time in a row this year Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked No. 1 on the list of world’s highest paid soccer players. The reason behind the success of highest paid soccer club is due to the enormous worth of $3.26 billion, which contributes in the total of salary, bonus and endorsements that are aimed since last year. Ronaldo is the King of Real Madrid capturing his award for FIFA player of the year which made him the most famous athlete across the globe. Not only on screen Real Madrid is one of the most famous football clubs on social media as well with over 102 Facebook fans and 35 Million followers on Twitter as per the record.  However Messi’s record breaking four time FIFA player of the year award makes him a beneficiary of $70.5 million bringing him to the second number as the World’s highest paid players in soccer.

Cristiano is considered to be the fastest player of Real Madrid to reach 200 official goals against Malaga in 2013. He also scored most of the hat-tricks in the history of Real Madrid, in 2015.

The success of Ronaldo does not only ends on Real Madrid’s platform, but he is one of the most signed endorsers of different renowned, yet expensive brands worldwide; like Nike, Emporio Armani, Coca-Cola, Castrol, Motorola, Tag Heuer, Fly Emirates and the list is never ending. He has also been honored by the Madam Tussauds London that represents his wax statue.


Breaking Down The Sugary Effect In Today’s Baking

It is real fun in baking your favorite food at home. Making cookies and brownies are not only amusing, but it also impresses your family and friends at the same time. In addition, you also save money whilst baking at home instead of getting the desired product from a bakery.

All bakery products are full of unnecessary fat and cholesterol. However, this fat can be reduced to a high extent if the artificial agents are replaced with natural and organic sweeteners. The trick lies in finding the right sweetener for the right food. For example, there is a proper procedure to bake bread with bananas which will involve using bananas as the organic flavor.

Selection of sweetener plays a vital role and choosing the best organic additive for baking can get difficult; although the most famous is a blend of stevia and erythritol. Stevia is basically a substitute of sugar that is extracted from the leaves of Stevia. It is also used to add flavors to smoothies, frostings, sauces, glazes and icings. Remember that a little bit of stevia will go a long way.

Erythritol, however, possesses the physical properties of sugar but is not as sweet. It is present in some fruits as fructose in small amounts, while some mushrooms contain it in larger amounts. In addition, fermented fruits such as wine and soy sauce contain erythritol in large amounts too.

In baking, the Ideal quantity in which the erythritol/stevia blend should be used is 1:2 as an alternate of sugar. For example, if you would generally use 50 grams of sugar in a particular recipe, you can replace it with 25 grams of the erythritol blend.

Ways To Deal With A Teenager

If you are a parent or an elder sibling of a teenager then you have my empathies. I know, because I also have to deal with a snobby teenage sister and an equally snooty nephew in his pre-teens. However, we can’t entirely blame the teenagers for their behavior, because during the age group of 12-19, these adolescents undergo a metamorphosis process, generally termed as ‘Puberty’. In this stage, the adolescents go through a remarkable change in their physical and emotional state. This is why many teenagers are not easy to deal with. But there are certain ways that you can adopt to handle them, which I have listed below:

  • Implement house rules that are clear and consistent yet not suffocating for the adolescent. It’s much better if all the family members have to follow the same rules.
  • Stay calm in an argument. Remember that you are the elder one.
  • Don’t have high expectations that are difficult to fulfill.
  • Do no treat the adolescent as a kid. It will annoy him or her.
  • Have positive and friendly conversations from time to time.
  • Keep evaluating the behavior and check if there is any adverse change. However, don’t be overly suspicious.
  • Since teenagers are more influenced by their friends, than by their parents or any family members, make sure you know their friends by inviting them over once in a while.
  • Teenagers are very self-conscious of their appearance. They keep experimenting with different looks and hairstyles that will suit them. Try to praise them for their efforts.
  • Don’t get annoyed of their shrugs or monosyllabic replies. Instead, allow conversations that will help them open up.
  • Punishing and getting frustrated is not an answer. Try to be patient, come up with other ways like having a pleasant conversation, while explaining the lessons of life.
  • Try to understand the young adult. Their way of communication might be different, but they are not always wrong.

Teenage years are very vulnerable. Being the elder one, you have to take charge and help the adolescents at every stage for shaping their bright future.

A Walk to Remember: Enjoying Soothing Sights and Sceneries

Nature has its own way of relieving us of the stress that tends to build up due to our hectic schedules and demanding lifestyles. The soothing sights and sceneries that can be seen if one goes for a nice walk have the effect of lifting the spirits and calming the soul.

Being accompanied by someone special is an added joy. Meaningful conversation makes it a walk to remember. Lucky are those who get to go on at least one such ramble in their entire lifetime. After all, a very nice mix of the right company, perfect weather and scenic view is required in order for the experience to be memorable.

I believe I have been exceptionally blessed as I have experienced countless of such unforgettable walks. Over the course of my life, my father has always been the most pleasant partner to take a stroll with. Additionally, the locality in which I reside is a very beautiful one, with ample trees and beautifully maintained gardens.

Conversations flow naturally, but may also sometimes be argumentative depending on circumstances. However, by the time we are nearing the end of the walk, we always tend to draw the discussion to an amiable close after which we enter our home feeling light and refreshed.

Taking a stroll is also one of the best medicines for stress, anxiety and depression. Doctors suggest that a light morning stroll or fifteen to twenty minutes of a brisk walk on a daily basis helps to enhance blood circulation to the brain. This leaves one feeling more invigorated and alive over the course of the day.