Ensuring Student Motivation in Classrooms

Student motivation is a growing challenge for educators and for institutes across the globe given the rapid increase in distractions and changing behavior patterns of young-adults. Despite the application of various educational theories to a particular classroom setting, it is worth mentioning here that student motivation is a skill that requires adequate planning, thought and effort. Teachers have learnt to improve the interest of their students through the application of various techniques and strategies but too often the challenge seems too big to be ignored at a classroom or institutional level.

While teaching a particular subject, one of the most common errors that are observed in classrooms is the one-way communication process that seems to flow from the teacher towards the student. High school education must not comprise solely on essays and assignments.  A classroom that integrates teaching, research and cross-communication is able to foster a better environment of learning and confidence building, thus motivating the students to participate. It also sets a certain demand for excellence in their assignments and submissions thus raising the education bar. Instruction methods in educational institutions need to reflect practicability. As a teacher, it is important to realize that teaching is profession that is not merely concerned with giving information but also to ensure learning as well. This can be made possible by allowing students a chance to gain a set of experiences that can help them generalize the information they have learnt from their textbooks.

Too many psychologists have argued that it is nearly impossible for one person to motivate another. In teaching however, many teachers have successfully made positive impacts on their students by helping them experience new things and by incorporating new strategies into their careers. A teacher who knows his/her students will be able to arouse interest in them while also explaining his expectations in terms of the subject. Making use of illustrations and personal examples is also an excellent idea in order to capture the attention of the class. Mixing up techniques will surely lead to a more exciting experience for the pupils.


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