Anger Management Tips: Maintaining Composure At All Times

Anger is a natural feeling. There is nothing wrong with feeling angry, what is wrong is the way in which one expresses or releases their anger. For example, by no means is it reasonable or acceptable that a person who is angry goes ahead and throws cutlery on the floor, or screams at others in a derogatory tone.

If something has upset an individual, it is best to wait for the anger to subside and then express one’s concern in a calm, composed and calculated way. What is important is that a person takes care of themselves too. “Suppressing” anger is not the solution. Anger should be released in an acceptable way.

Here are a few tips which will help an individual manage their anger better:

  1. Instead of breaking something or screaming try to indulge yourself in a less harmful way of releasing your anger, for example ripping a piece of paper to bits or punching a punching bag.
  2. Find constructive ways to utilize the energy that you have as a result of being angry; for example, instead of throwing a tantrum, maybe spend time in the kitchen furiously beating eggs in order to make pancakes.
  3. Consciously avoid the source of your anger until it has subsided. Instead of confronting the person you are angry at while you are feeling enraged, wait till your anger has subsided and then talk to him/her calmly.
  4. Before sitting down to talk to the person that upset you, always try to figure out exactly why you are upset. It is important to communicate effectively. That in itself will release a lot of the anger that you felt before talking it out.

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