Killing an Albino makes you rich!

No matter how brutal it might sound, Tanzania is a land which holds enormous and atrocious massacre of albinos every year. Thousands of local ‘witch doctors’ ferociously kidnap and murder albinos, to use their body parts in efforts to bring wealth to others. It is indeed mind boggling to see how these witch doctors have successfully convinced Tanzanians to believe that the body parts of albinos bring wealth and good luck. However superstitious belief of the people of Tanzania makes these witch doctors rich.

Although the Tanzanian government has already banned witch doctors and over 200 doctors have already been arrested but it seems that the deluded concept of faith has made people of Tanzania quite merciless. What remains most ironic is that people in their pursuit of wealth, have turned callous and cold blooded.

Albinos are now seen only as a means to money and prosperity not through labor, slavery or employment but through blood. Their right to live is undermined or out weighted by someone else’s right to wealth. The cold blooded murder of albinos, including children, women and men alike, has reached a staggering figure of 80 per annum. The witch doctors are openly seen practicing black magic and casting spells which can literally destroys one’s life.

What is now a cause of shame for the entire nation also reflects the level of ignorance and illiteracy present in the region. The value of human is surely undermined and those who need care are being subjected to cruelty Police authorities are committed to bring the culprits to justice by pacing their operation and stopping this carnage once and for all.


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