If You Want Money, Murder An Albino!

Tanzania witnesses massive and brutal massacre of albinos every year, albinism being prevalent in the region. Thousands of ‘healers’ and ‘witch doctors’ practice this vicious act of murdering and kidnapping albinos, and then using their body parts. It is mind numbing how these witch doctors have successfully convinced Tanzanians to believe that the body parts of albinos bring wealth and good luck.

In their pursuit of wealth, people have turned heartless and cold blooded, viewing albinos only as a means to gain prosperity. They are not considered human enough to be given a chance to live their lives. The cold blooded murder of albinos has reached a raging number of 80 since 2000, including, men, women and even children. Witch doctors use all kinds of unimaginable things like lizard skin, ostrich eggs, bird claws, lion skin and many more in their witch craft practices. The Tanzanian population believing in their practices and willing to let them go to any extent for their evil purposes is a sorry state of affairs.

The Tanzanian government has banned many witch doctors in attempts to control albino murders and kidnappings. More than 200 witch doctors have been arrested and found to be unlicensed.  The police campaign will target the entire network of witch doctors and traders involved in this inhuman cycle, with all the arrested appearing in court.

The widespread and planned murder of people genetically suffering from a disease that is out of their control is a matter of shame for a nation. It reflects the level of ignorance and illiteracy present in the region, which renders solely on the luck of an individual whether he’s born normal or as an albino.


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