The 3 Important Pillars of Consumer Confidence

Regardless of what your e-commerce strategy includes, establishing consumer confidence is significant to achieving success in 2015. Sadly, there are no shortcuts: consumer confidence is only achieved with consistent hard work, but it’s a lot easier when you use these three easy steps as your guide.


The primary stage to gain consumer confidence is by representing your products accurately. One of your jobs is to make your brand’s products look good; however there is a difference between a beautiful presentation and misrepresentation. Providing consumers with exact and comprehensive information is the best way to give them a representation of what will arrive on their doorstep when they click “buy”. World’s top brands don’t pursue one-time shoppers; they acquire loyal repeat consumers, otherwise known as the 20% who make 80% of the sales.


When you’ve set the priority of honesty with your customer, it’s integral that you provide consistency, else one amazing shopping experience can be converted into a negative one. It is significant to make sure you are consistent in the following areas.

  • Product information

There is nothing more annoying than inconsistent product information. All of your product information needs to be reliable. Avoid anything that can potentially confuse your customers.

  •  Branding

It doesn’t make a difference how funny or smart product copy is if it’s not consistent with the branding for your company, it’s not going to have a positive impact. Eventually, it’s more vital to stay true to your core customer base than risk alienating them to attract a new one.

  • Customer Service

Go far beyond to consistently surprise and delight customers with your skills to handle their problems such as offering online customers free return shipping so they feel comfortable purchasing new items.


Earning the consumers trust is the first step to making a brand evangelist that will impart their positive experiences to their loved ones. As per a study by Forbes, 81% respondents demonstrated that their loved ones directly influence their purchase decisions.

Therefore, consumer confidence is significant to long term growth. Also the brands that pursue honesty, accuracy and consistency will see astonishing long term results.


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