Chirs Brown Won’t Be Around For His Show

According to the news form social media, the pop star, Chris Brown had tweeted that he would not be able to perform in his concerts that were scheduled in Montreal, Tuesday at the Bell Centre, and Toronto, Wednesday, Air Canada Centre, after being denied of entry into Canadian territory.

The RandB singer said “good people of the Canadian government wouldn’t allow me entry. I’ll be back this summer and will hopefully see all my Canadian fans!”

Brow’s spokesperson, Nicole Perna, confirmed the news that Canadian immigration has not allowed Brown to enter any of its states, as yet “due to immigration issues” his shows have been taken off the list. Brown for now has plans and surely will apply for visa on later dates, where as he has also offered a refund of the tickets sold in Canada.

The Grammy winning artist had been under a strict probation ever since 2009 when he openly confronted with his, then, girlfriend Rihanna. Chris Brown has been under strict observation since then and has recently spent three months in jail after violation of the probation when he ran into a quarrel last year.

A similar incident occurred in the United Kingdom earlier in 2010 when the RandB singer, Chris Brown was denied entry forcing him to miss four of his scheduled shows. According to the government’s home office, it was Chris Brown’s criminal record which stopped them from letting him enter the country.

Similar statement has been released by the Canadian Border Services claiming that there were several factors influencing the decision including Brown’s involvement in criminal activities.


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