LG Flex 2: A “Curved” Self-Healing Phone

LG has announced that it would be launching its LG Flex 2 in spring this year and as expected preorders have been received by the manufacturers in great amount since the bookings started on 20th February.

The 2nd generation of the Flex phones would be released under the license of AT & T and T mobile.
What they call the  “Phablet” had been criticized for being just a fancy design in the Smartphone market, and it was believed that the design would not be able to add any value to the product. However its performance outweighed its criticism and was later appreciated for its durability, and a prominently better screen resolution.

The first of its kind, curved Smartphone of the world is now looking to amaze its users yet again by giving a unique self healing back cover, and its ever reliable durability which mean that the Smartphone could literally repair small wear outs. The new Flex will come with a large 5.5 inch display and 920 by 1080 image resolution with 403 ppi pixel density.

The shelf price of the product is expected to be a staggering $504, however you can get it for $21 for two years if you purchase it with the contract from T mobile and AT & T. Flex 2 comes with a 65 bit octa-core processor and up to 3 GB of RAM. If you are cell phone photographer, you would be glad to know that it also has a 13 MP camera as well.


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