6 Steps To Recover From Back Injuries

This blog focuses on how to prevent and recover from back injury. You might have noticed lately, the count of lower back problems are increasing day by day and mostly amongst the youth. Many athletes have to let go of their careers and many other individuals live a compromised life due to lower back issues. So here I have gathered some important tips for the masses to get rid of this not so pleasant physical condition.

Firstly, let’s discuss how you actually have such injuries. It’s not a rocket science that you will not understand, trust me, it is as simple as sitting upright and bending your knees before you pick any thing up.

If you are not an athlete and you do not endure much physical stress in terms of exercise or extensive practice sessions, you probably have a wrong life style. By life style, here, I refer to the way you sit and the way you approach picking up things.  Well these might sound to you like minor details but trust me, this is what counts the most, especially if you have those extra 20-30 pounds on your belly. If you have fortunately not endured a back injury yet, start working out, but make sure it’s done the right way.

Athletes usually are so competition driven that they never stop crossing limits. Their mind at time over rides their body’s potential. Their desire to go an extra mile, usually takes them to the hospital.

In either case, the most common injuries are disc-bone and muscle related. Such issues are really painful and usually hard to get rid of, once you are a victim. This is a 6 step process will help you recover and even prevent any possible lower back and lumbar injury.

  1. Whenever you feel stressed out or you start feeling cramps in your lower back, consider it as a clear indication that you need to rest. Take a time out. If the situation persists you might even face difficulty walking. If you think the situation may get out of hand, you may skip a season of sports even, you might not like the idea, but trust me; it’s better than retirement at an early age. You are advised to stay at home and relax until you find no pain while running and bending in any direction.
  2. While you rest, you might as well pay a visit to a good massage parlor, an acupuncturist or a good chiropractor perhaps. They know the lumber region well, and trust me I find they more effective than most of the medications.
  3. Now this one here is a very unconventional way of treatment, but try, cupping. It is a great way to decrease muscular spasm around your lumber area. Cupping allows freshly oxygenated blood to through the area. This ensures that the waste from the trauma is getting washed out.
  4. Once you start feeling better, you move to the foam roller. It is very easy to apply technique and a very effective back exercise as well. All you have to do is put the roller under you back and start moving back and forth. Do this for ten minutes or till the time you start feeling better, usually it does not take more than 12 minutes.
  5. Now you are on the right track. But you still need few changes in your life style, which would basically pertain to the way you sit, that would be with a straight back, upright rather. Secondly you need to adjust your diet. You need to pursue an anti-inflammatory diet. Avoid grain and add fish oil to your diet. This will help reduce the inflammation which helps your body to speed up recovery.
  6. Lastly, you must ice your lower back consistently. Apply cold to your back might be uncomfortable, if you want to control the inflammation, you need to ignore the discomfort.

As they all say, prevention is better than cure. Be proactive, these easy to manage tips are better than sitting at home and being sidelined for weeks.


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