Pakistan Protestors Take Over National Television Headquarters – Armed Forces Called To Restore Order

The recent protests in Islamabad have been riling up as people all over the nation started to show support. The protestors were holding ground close to the parliament building before they were ordered to march ahead. The protestors went on to infiltrate the Pakistan Television headquarters. All private television channels meanwhile covered the event as all these people entered the PTV building.

The broadcasters temporarily suspended the transmission while the protestors took charge of the PTV cafeteria before leaving the office. Mohammad Malick, the MD of PTV told the press that the army had saved them immediately after he had called for help.

Political analysts claim that Nawaz Sharif’s government has so far been unable to tackle the protests that are underway in the capital city since 2 weeks. The civilian police have been unable to coup with the situation which is why he had to seek the army’s help. The army however, is already suspected of undermining the Prime Minister and probably even deposing him.

The protestors refuse to step down unless the Mr. Nawaz Sharif resigns, which he and his party have repeatedly refused to. According to the news, the Prime Minister of the country has been completely unable to handle the situations in the capital.  The government is hence, facing continuous erosion.

The Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif has met with both the leaders of the protestors and the ruling party in an attempt to resolve the issue, however, he has not accomplished much so far. The leaders from Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s party claim that the protestors and their leaders are backed by the Army’s generals. The governance and politics of Pakistan are definitely taking an acute turn at this point.


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