Latest Skin Cancer Study

Researches on two new drugs show incredible and exciting results in the treatment of Melanoma.  International trials on these drugs have yielded good results which have the healthcare community all excited.

In either case, the new drugs namely pembrolizumab and nivolumab, were used and tested on advanced stages of melanoma when the cancer had already spread to other organs of the body. The drugs help the body’s antigens recognize the tumor.  The two drugs block the biological pathways used by the cancers to disguise the tumor from the immune system. Once the tumor is visible to the body’s antigens, the immune system can better treat it.

The effectiveness of the pembrolizumab drug tested on 411 patients was found to be 69%. Pembrolizumab is also being tested to see if they have the same impact on other cancers which have the same mechanism to disguise the tumor. So far the results have been favorable, but more research is still required.

However, the other drug, nivolumab was tested along with ipilimumab (another drug for immunotherapy). Upon testing it with 53 patients, 85 percent of the sample survived for over one year, while 79 percent survived for two and more years.

Although the studies were both small, the doctors are happy with the promising results against melanoma. They are in process to conduct larger studies and hope to get better results next year.